September 27, 2021 1:42 am

Asbestos Management Services

Asbestos is a huge cause of deaths that are work related to some parts of the world with an average of 4000 people losing their lives to the harms resulting from exposure to asbestos. This is probably because back in the days the material was extensively used in construction. Buildings that were constructed before 2000 are likely to contain asbestos and they include hospitals, offices, schools and even houses that people now occupy as their residential homes. The materials were mostly used for fireproofing and insulation but it also has other varying uses and it can therefore be found in boiler housing, thermoplastic tiles, textured decorative coatings and pipe insulation.

It can be a hard material to spot because it gets mixed with other materials and even though it remains stable when it is not damaged, the fibers can be extremely dangerous when they become airborne. By law, every property owner is required to manage the risks of asbestos. You might need to hire asbestos management services if you are a duty holder of non-domestic premises or you have employees working on unfamiliar properties executing their field duties. The services are also very important for those who demolish and refurbish properties and individuals who regularly  IT Consultancy Essex alter or work on building fabric. There are a number of services you can enjoy to eliminate the risks of this harmful material.

Asbestos management surveys

The surveys are done on a routine basis for compliance purposes mostly on buildings that fall in the at risk category of asbestos. The major aim of the surveys is to locate asbestos at risk of being disturbed or accessed on a daily basis or during normal maintenance practices. The service provider plan the surveys, conduct them and report the findings and their impacts before advising on the next course of action so your project can continue smoothly.

Asbestos demolition surveys

They are more invasive than the management surveys because they are aimed to identify all present asbestos on the property that is facing an upgrade, demolition or refurbishment. The surveys are very important whether the demolition is in a part of the building or on the entire building. The surveys are done accurately to avoid any unnecessary and excessive property damage and they are done when the building is completely unoccupied to curb the exposure risks. Sampling is done on various parts of the building and a comprehensive report given before a good demolition plan is reached.

Asbestos re-inspection

After you have received surveys and asbestos management plans on your property of interest, you can get re-inspection services from your company. The services serve as follow up to the previous surveys just to ensure that the safeguarding continues to be maintained. If you are a company dealing with a number of employees, you can choose asbestos management training besides the re-inspection. The training can be helpful for the employees as far as teaching them ways of carrying out duties without posing self-risks and risks to others. Managers and supervisors can also be trained in their regulations, guidelines and responsibilities


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